Purixel, Ultracapacitor applications AMI
Part Number Temperature Type Voltage Capacitance
PEC02R7SN25616025 -40℃~65℃ Radial Lead 2.7V 25F
PEC05H4MN50510030 -40℃~65℃ Radial Lead 5.4V 5F

Vehicle dashcams

Purixel, Ultracapacitor applications Vehicle dashcams
Part Number Temperature Type Voltage Capacitance
PVC06H0MN15508020 -40℃~65℃ Module 6.0V 1.5F
PVC06H0MN25510020 -40℃~65℃ Module 6.0V 3F
PVC06H0MN50510030 -40℃~65℃ Module 6.0V 5F
Solar powered indicators
  • Applications : 2.7V 120F 22X45
  • Use : Used with lithium batteries to solar-charge in the daytime and supply power to road studs in the night time.
Electric two-wheelers
  • Module 15V 4F ( 2.7V 25F 16 ×25 6 serial)
  • Use : Output under low-temp conditions, Extended battery service life


(Switched-Mode Power Supply)
  • Applications : 2.7V 25F 16X25 Series Connection
  • Use : EDLC application for standby power reduction
  • Applications : 1) Small type 2.7V 5F 10X20, 2.7V 15F 12.5X25 2serial
    2) Medium type 2.7V 25F 16X25, 2.7V 50F 18X405 2serial
  • Use : Instantaneous power failure compensation (< 3 sec.), 97% Efficiency, Lower power consumption compared to Pb type UPS
Powered tools
  • Applications : 2.7V 100F 22X45
  • Use : 1) Standalone : Improved charging speed, Longer service life
    2) With batteries : Longer battery service life