Power stabilizer for vehicles

car battery stabilizer Puretron

PURETRON is a car battery stabilizer, It supports for car electronic system as a car voltage stabilizer

  • Restores engine performance
    A low-resistance high-power supercapacitor helps restore reduced engine torque to initial performance in over time.
  • Lengthens battery life
    Super capacitors ease burden on the battery, helping lengthen battery life more than twice.
  • Reduces shift shock and delays
    Stabilizes power supply to in-vehicle electric devices to ensure smoother and faster gearshift.
  • Improves audio quality
    Stable power supply eliminates current noises and improves audio quality.
  • Better engine start
    Puretron supplements power shortage due to generator overload, thereby improving engine start characteristics.
  • Improves fuel efficiency
    Improves in-vehicle electric signal responses, thereby enabling perfect combustion.
  • Stabilizes voltage
    Super capacitors removes ripple currents and helps sustain robust power supply.
Model Plan

car battery stabilizer Puretron 100F
  • For SUVs and light trucks
  • Max. 300A power output
  • Improved power when fitted in mid/large motorcycles such as Harley Davison
car battery stabilizer Puretron 40F
  • Recommended for medium-sized sedan of 3,000CC and below
  • Applicable for all types of vehicle
car battery stabilizer Puretron 20F
  • For motocycle
  • Recommended for small-sized sedan of 1,000CC and below or for motorcycle

Voltage Stabilizer
Starting and Accelerating period
  • PURETRON improves 15% of current stress
  • Battery life doubles
  • Engine starting improves
Driving period
  • PURETRON improves 55% of current stress imposed on the car battery
  • Noise reduction optimizes electrical performance of car devices (better sound quality and more smooth gear shift)