Technological excellent

Competitive edges : Original electrode technology, Performance and durability
  • Low internal resistance (ESR), Bigger capacity per unit volume, Smaller capacity variations
  • Better durability in terms, ESR, Capacity changes, Etc. (in comparison with M company of Japan)
  • Technology for mass-production of high-voltage (> 3V), High-temperature (85ºC) products
Purixel, ultra capacitor's electrode technology

Electrode binding technology

Settlement between the current collector and the electrode layer
Settlement of activated carbon
Settlement of conductor
  • Low internal resistance
  • Life extension
    (Better durability)
  • Product rate increase
Ultra capacitor Purixel's electrode technology
The technology of increasing binding strength between the
current collector and the electrode layer decides performance of a product.

Data in comparison with competitors’ products 2.7V 25F Ø16 × L25

  • Temperature : 65℃ ± 2℃
  • Applied voltage : rated voltage
  • Duration : 1000 +72/-0 hours
  • No visible damage
  • Capacitance change within ±30% of initial value
  • Internal resistance ≤ 100% of initial value
Lower changes in electrodes, Capacity, AC and DC resistance after 4,000 hours. Outstanding long-term reliability.