Capacitor for EDLC-VSS(1200F) development


The advantages of PURIXEL are high reliability and show excellent performance. It has its own electrode manufacturing technology, Currently, the company intends to develop 3v 85 degree to have differentiated technical skills.
When the engine restarts after the idling stop of the vehicle, the VSS composed of EDLC reduces the burden of the power supply of the 14V Pb battery and the power for the electric equipment (GPS, Audio, Power brake, Steering, Etc.) Technology to prevent voltage drop in supply.

EDLC-VSS Features and effect

CAFE(Corporation Average Fuel Economy), Etc. The most realistic alternative (Fuel cost ratio 10~20% of HEV)
  • Since 2006, gradually expanded the coverage of vehicles from Europe
  • HYUNDAI / Kia Motors will be installed sequentially in all models under Sonata since 2010